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If you’d declared a decade ago that music videos would be the most popular format on YouTube, you’d be gently maneuvered back to your room, given your meds, and told to resume your knitting project — you always feel better when your hands are engaged. Our project here, however, is not merely a popularity contest. The videos below showcase the best collaborative work between artists and directors, a list we’ll update regularly throughout the year. While most matters of taste are subjective choices filtered through a funhouse mirror maze of cultural and personal experiences, you’ll find that these selections are objectively correct by any reasonable standard. Catch up on the best music videos of here. In it for the music? Check out the best albums of here , and the best songs of here. Director: Michael Garcia Release date: October 11 Why it’s great: The collaboration between Sting and Shaggy — each insufferable in his own right — wants to be playfully ironic, an acknowledgment that they’ve completed their runs as “serious” artists and are now firmly in the fucking around phase of their careers. The video and song fail miserably in their attempts to be endearing, as the whole “bad boy cop partners” schtick feels lazy and pointless, much like the collaboration itself.

7 Addictive Korean TV Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

Written by Jesse Bernard Published on From Slick Rick, to Outkast and Kendrick Lamar — many of the greats have rapped about matters of the heart. Love is a well documented topic in hip-hop. And over the years, the theme of love has helped rappers to crossover into the mainstream and reach radio friendly audiences. Back in the early days, it was the norm for rappers such as LL Cool J to perform solely on a track, expressing their adoration for a love interest.

Without love songs, rap probably wouldn’t be as exciting.

There is dating game show going on during the song. A girl asks questions what they would do in a hypothetical situations and there are crazy guys who.

Check out our coverage of Episodes here , Episodes here , and the season finale here. Read on at your own risk! There were a lot of moments on Love Is Blind that got people fired up on social media this season, and Cameron’s impromptu rap song was certainly one of the most hilarious highlights of the hit reality dating show. In the show’s seventh episode, which debuted last week on Netflix , Lauren introduced her betrothed to her mother. In order to get on Lauren’s mom’s good side, Cameron had to prove that he actually was in a hip hop group back in the day like he’d apparently claimed.

Lauren’s mother challenged Cameron to perform one of his old songs right on the spot, and what followed was a moment of pure secondhand embarrassment on par with Succession ‘s “L to the OG” rap. Searching “Cameron” and “rap” on Twitter will tell you everything you need to know about how the internet reacted to this moment, but since he’s undoubtedly a fan favorite — and, honestly, who isn’t jumping for joy that he and Lauren made it all the way?!

Cameron told TV Guide that he really was in a hip hop group in college, describing it as “just a fun hobby” for him. When he was “put on the spot” by Lauren’s mother, he just went with it. However, he also pointed out that the lyrics of his song were significant to his situation with Lauren. And although it wasn’t written for Lauren, he said that the “lyrics still applied” to their connection when he chose it for that moment. For those who are interested, we took the liberty of transcribing the full lyrics to Cameron’s Love Is Blind rap:.

20 romantic rap tracks

South Korea has a booming television industry. There are many different suggestions of how to study language while watching TV. Explore and try out some new active learning techniques each time you watch. Here are some ideas to get you started:. Sit back and enjoy it to understand the plot.

While the song’s lyrical content favors a heavy dose of standard rap may be the ringleader, but it’s the women centerstage who steal the show. it’s very expensive to date me/ Told him go put my name on that account/.

This decade set the stage for K-pop to make its mark on the larger world. Over the past 10 years, the South Korean music industry has embedded itself deeper into the American consciousness. Now, the floodgates have opened, and K-pop keeps getting bigger. While the Korean industry gets pegged for its transformative approach to Western styles, it also happens to be a site of tremendous innovation.

Where else could you get such boundary-breaking experiments in song structure, remixing, or genre-mixing? Some flavors of the month hit their expiration dates too soon, while others stick around far longer than anticipated. To commemorate the decade in K-pop, Billboard selected the greatest songs of the era, from cult favorites of the indie world to the inescapable hits that crossed all borders.

But GFriend pulled that off by giving their cute-concept-next-door a retro twist. Aside from their wholesome image and impressive choreography , this six-piece shot to the top with a characteristic sound: orchestral pop melded with electric guitar. The member-strong WJSN found their sweet spot early in their careers with their sophomore release “Secret.

Since entering the scene in , GOT7 have proven one of their strongest points as a group is their ability to tackle all kinds of genres and moods. Pristin , With a promising start and an unexpected disbandment after just two years, Pristin’s all-too-quick time together will likely go down as one of the decade’s biggest K-pop mysteries — especially when one considers how strongly they began with this disco-tinged bubblegum thumper. Jazzy songstress Lee Hi offers comfort to those having a hard time with this motivational track.

Kehlani Responds to YG Cheating Scandal in New Song “You Know Wassup”

Back in the ’90s and early ‘s, most of us discovered new hip-hop artists through VH1’s legendary Top 20 Video Countdown , and from watching MTV dating shows. These days, on the other hand, zoomers and millennials alike often tend to flock to TikTok for new rap music. To be honest, TikTok rap songs basically make up the soundtrack to It’s safe to say that Curtis Roach’s “Bored in the House” rap defined many of our “early quarantine days,” and inspired a ton of hilarious videos of people doing absolutely nothing in their homes, like the one above.

The song is beyond catchy, and gaining notoriety, Curtis officially re-recording a version of the jam with Tyga. Needless to say, he rose to fame pretty quickly from this undeniably catchy song that he seemingly made up on the spot.

Check out the best albums of here, and the best songs of here. Release date: October 11 melancholy tenor to this video, which shows the rapper brawling with a version of himself who pops out of a casket.

Music For Visual Media. A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year. Artist names appear in parentheses. Singles or Tracks only. Best Pop Solo Performance For new vocal or instrumental pop recordings. Best Dance Recording For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances. Vocal or Instrumental. Singles or tracks only. Albums only. Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal songs.

Best Rap Performance For a Rap performance.


Whose Line Is It Anyway? That non sequitur is a good rule of thumb for improv; the second you start thinking too hard is the moment your bit will fall apart. For many, the show represented our first glimpse of the grammar of improv theater — or that improv theater was even possible. Sixteen years after the show was initially canceled, not much has changed.

So, we asked Ringer staffers to vote for their Rap Song of Summer Isaiah Blakely: It features DaBaby’s best verse to date, which follows two.

August 21 We select the 20 worst album covers of the year– a large amount of which came courtesy of some of our favorite musical artists. December 10 Pitchfork gears up for the holiday publishing break by counting down our favorite songs of the year. December 18 December 6 November 22 In certain circles, the image of not having an image carries more currency today than it has since February 20 December 31 December 30 DOCS January 7 Skip to content Search query All Results.

Eminem ‘stole’ my idea – and release date – for his new album, claims Dundee rapper

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Nonetheless, we still love summer movies, and we still love summer rap.

Contemporary Instrumental Music. Rock. Alternative. R&B. Rap From Lizzo opening the show in grand fashion to Tyler, The Creator’s fiery set.

Subscriber Account active since. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott clocked a number of relationship milestones during their short time as a couple. They got matching tattoos, welcomed a daughter after a famously secret pregnancy , and posed for multiple magazine covers together. In October , more than two years after they first hit it off at Coachella, Jenner and Scott decided to take some time apart.

But now, multiple sources claim they’ve officially reunited. According to the couple’s recent cover story for GQ, neither Jenner nor Scott “can remember where, exactly, they first met.

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The case now goes to a penalty phase, where the jury will decide how much Perry and other defendants owe for copyright infringement. Questions from the jury during their two full days of deliberations had suggested that they might find only some of the defendants liable for copyright infringement. The case focused on the notes and beats of the song, not its lyrics or recording, and the questions suggested that Perry might be off the hook.

Perry was not present when the verdict was read.

She and Wilson began dating and made their first public appearance together While together the two even collaborated together on the song “Like You. The rapper revealed during an episode of Growing Up Hip Hop that he That’s pretty much the situation,” she told talk show host Wendy Williams.

It happened on p. How was I to know that my world would come crashing down in a matter of 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …. Philadelphia row house walls were thin, so I could hear the neighbors on both sides blasting this jam on their stereo. The next night, I was prepared, with a prehistoric tape recorder in hand and a black-and-white composition notebook. This song single-handedly made me the man in my fourth grade lunchroom. My boy Aantar became my agent that week, scheduling performances and negotiating written lyrics for snacks or hand-holding with girls in gym class.

Rap song sparks a gender conversation in South Korea

Karma is a b tch. But people want what they want. Lauren: The funny thing is that the details kind of filled in after the fact. I mean, we knew that it was a dating show where you date someone in a pod or through a wall and, if it works out, eventually that you would get engaged sight-unseen and then married if all goes well. Cameron: Right. I mean, we were given that basic premise.

about some K-pop taboos like dating and her mental health issues. albums and songs centred around a refreshing, retro-inspired sound.

By Joe Coscarelli. ATLANTA — Between the summer of , when the Atlanta rapper Lil Baby got out of prison on drug and gun charges, and the end of , when he solidified himself as a formidable presence in hip-hop, he released seven full-length bodies of music, resulting in a pile of smash singles that have gone platinum a combined 12 times over. All told, songs by Lil Baby, who had never rapped before his two-year incarceration, have been streamed more than 11 billion times around the world.

The concept of celebrity still makes him bristle, and his public appearances remain limited to the ones that pay handsomely. Balancing flash and restrained grace was something Lil Baby, born Dominique Jones, learned from his neighborhood notoriety before music, when he was known as a local hustler and dice aficionado before committing to rap for a safer income stream. After the torrent of music that certified his arrival, the rapper took last year off, in the sense that he did not release an album or mixtape, though an endless stream of guest verses and a few one-off singles kept him relevant.

A sneakily intricate rapper whose lyrics are often camouflaged by disarming singsong flows and a gravelly Southern drawl, Lil Baby has largely moved on from the open wounds of his earlier, bittersweet work.

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Jon Lewis. Depending on where you live in the United States, turning the calendar from April to May means entering the second or third month of an indefinite period of social distancing. With little other choice in the way of entertainment, people have naturally turned to streaming TV to fill the time and to escape from the increasingly bleak news. Deciding among the available options can be overwhelming, however, and even a trending phenomenon like Tiger King can fall off the radar in an instant.

Rob Dyrdek hosts an internet video clip show with celebrity guests and co-hosts Sterling “Steelo” Brim and Chanel West Coast (Fantasy Factory’s rapping.

Within minutes, Dapper Spider had spun a web of rhymes on his smartphone and unleashed his rap lyrics in the studio booth at the School of Environmental Studies. At age 16, Josh Groven, also known as the artist Dapper Spider, has signed a record deal with a label started by his fellow classmate, Emily Pauly. Pauly, a year-old senior at the school, formed Overtone Audio Productions with the support of the Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan school district last year, and the label has already gained traction.

They are singing about anything from relationships to not wanting to be like everyone else. So far, Pauly has signed six artists whose sounds feature down-tempo beats, jazz and even a ukulele. Jeremy Bartelt, bottom right at computer, teaches Pauly not pictured in a music production class. To join the label, students simply have to contact Pauly and put in an application.

Students from all over the district can apply. Pauly is looking to sign an alternative rock band from Eastview High School. She found that her peers were turning to streaming services. LeGere encouraged Pauly to keep her label simple and take advantage of all the free tools and platforms to promote her artists. As of now, Pauly has three songs posted online from her artsiest artists. With additional funding through her class, Pauly hopes to add their music to streaming services like Sound Cloud or Apple Music.

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