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Before we dive in to this episode, I want to talk about the name of the podcast. With that being said, we’ve got another man on the podcast today! Reagan Pugh believes any time people gather together is an opportunity for collaboration and refuses to waste those opportunities. He founded Assemble in an effort to support teenagers in collaborations. This week we are talking about success, balance, rest, self-care, and everything in between. We went to high school together and lost touch because life happened. I recently saw his TEDtalk pop up on Facebook and had to reach out. Though he enjoyed working with Calypso for five or six years, he discovered that the candle was burning at both ends. He left that position and did contract work until he created Assemble two years later. They had to live some kind of hero’s journey narrative.

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As folks hunker down for at least another couple weeks of quarantine most likely more like months How is that happening? Is that happening? What are the apps like? I polled my social media accounts for my single and dating friends and acquaintances to see what in the world is going on out there.

Refined Connection has done an amazing job for us. I ordered a website from Devyn and his team at Refined Connection with high Pick a Date and Time.

You’ve set up your profile and now you are ready to start mailing, so where do you begin? What do you do if you are spoilt for choice? Chances are you’re going to mail more than one person Are you getting too many matches or too few? If you’ve looked at your match scores with other members you will have noticed that it’s a two way calculation that generates the match score How do you start off an email love affair?

What do you talk about on a first date? Whilst first impressions do count, long term success relies on getting to know each other When it’s time to contact someone for the first time, what’s the best approach? It’s all a question of style: your style. It’s all about getting noticed! Here are a few tips to get the most out of flirting or dating online

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We started out reading articles from other founders see below for a few of our favorites. We found these articles incredibly helpful, so we thought it would be fun to reminisce on our retreat here and pass along some additional inspiration and ideas. We could have waited a year until we had a bigger budget to work with. However, we knew the sooner we could spend time together in person, the better.

We set our priorities early on, put the majority of our budget there, and got creative. When it came to timing, we decided to plan it around a specific date. One of our clients, Moink, was being featured on Shark Tank. We knew it would be fun to watch the show together and celebrate the brand we helped create from day one. Many of our team members are working moms with young children, so it was important to us that we kept the retreat to just a few days.

We opted for a Saturday – Monday. While we love the idea of remote team retreats that involve project sprints and the opportunity to dig into deep work together, walking away with tangible evidence of a successful retreat, we knew our goals would be different.

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And it also has fried chicken. But back to Tousey House The restaurant opened its doors in , yet the building itself dates back much, much further. The historic property is considered the most accurate example of Federal-style architecture in Northern Kentucky because of specific features which include the brickwork and matching pair of gable chimneys.

Their clientele: advertisers, dating apps and anyone else with cash. dueling algorithms to refine their work: a creator system outputs a new image, which made connections with top officials around Washington, was found.

Sorry Tinder but there is a new dating app in town! This dating app is one where you won’t run into your coworkers or boss, encourages strong, ambitious women to engage in egalitarian relationships rather than fall into traditional gender roles, and creates a community for thousands of men and women — this app is called The League. Started by Stanford alum, Amanda Bradford who was frustrated by the superficiality of the dating apps out in the world today. Bradford said the last thing she wanted was for one of her coworkers, boss, or someone she was doing business with to stumble across her dating profile.

She wanted there to be a strong separation between work and personal life. Eliminate the awkward swipe dilemmas. The League ensures privacy from coworkers, business connections, and facebook friends. Because we require double authentication with Facebook and LinkedIn, we block your profile from coworkers, LinkedIn connections, and Facebook friends,” said Bradford. Flaky is when you constantly match but never message, or don’t reply to messages from people you’ve matched with.

The algorithm that The League uses is one of a kind to ensure there is a diversity of industries, educational backgrounds, and companies all using the app. We then have a team of specialists that review profile photos and selects the draft for that day or week,” added Bradford. The League was planned to launch in D. Bradford felt like D. When asked what she hopes for the D.

18 Alternative Dating Apps To Tinder

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OSHA Technical Manual (OTM) | Section IV: Chapter 2 – Petroleum Refining Process. The distribution system consists of valves, fittings, piping, and connections suitable for the pressure of the steam transported. IARC. [No date given.].

This page requires that javascript be enabled for some elements to function correctly. Appendix IV: Basic Refinery Process: Description and History. Petroleum refining has evolved continuously in response to changing consumer demand for better and different products. The original requirement was to produce kerosene as a cheaper and better source of light than whale oil. The development of the internal combustion engine led to the production of gasoline and diesel fuels.

The evolution of the airplane created a need first for high-octane aviation gasoline and then for jet fuel, a sophisticated form of the original product, kerosene. Present-day refineries produce a variety of products including many required as feedstock for the petrochemical industry. Distillation Processes. The first refinery, opened in , produced kerosene by simple atmospheric distillation.

Its by-products included tar and naphtha.

How to Create Change Through Human Connection with Reagan Pugh

We don’t live online, we live in the real world. Perhaps this is an obvious statement, but we should remind ourselves of it often. Online dating is great–it greatly broadens our possible connections; it makes it easier to filter out potential deal-breakers smoking, incompatible politics, religion, philosophy ; it provides a more civilized option to noisy bars and clubs.

But online daters often forget that life isn’t lived online. It’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of online dating: searching, scrolling, filtering, messaging, and forget that it’s only the prelude to sitting across from a real live human being and having a conversation.

Forged and Refined are 5-week ministry tools to help men and women move into a Relational Growth – The connections that we form with others in our lives. for each point level they achieve (incentives will be determined at a later date).

Each of these small groups will communicate weekly during the 5-week period. The disciple will be asked to give up or abstain from something that has become a crutch habitual or a mindless use of time for the 5-week period. They will also agree to abstain from alcohol during the 5-week period. Group Leaders. This could the group member who has followed Christ the longest, but could also be any person designated from a group of peers. Group leaders will be responsible for setting up group meetings, reporting weekly points, and encouraging other group members.

Group leaders can also forward any questions their group members might have about specific assignments. If you are signing up with a group, please designate your leader before registering. If you are signing up individually, we will let you know who your group leader is once new groups have been formed. Point System.

Vantage Point session link in meeting activities in the LMS. Vantage Point integration with certificate activities in the LMS. To learn more about the Vantage Point pod, click here. The control offered in this virtual classroom is now integrated with the Refined Training platform to capture user interaction and attendance at live events and reconcile that information in the LMS.

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Banana bread is such a classic that you likely already have your go-to recipe. But maybe you want to mix things up a little and try a more wholesome banana date bread recipe. This banana date bread is moist, tender, hearty, and makes for the perfect breakfast bread or dessert. It cracks and burns on the top. So, what are the solutions to the most common problems associated with baking banana bread? Check if your leavening agents are expired or inactive.

The mixture should start noticeably bubbling.

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